Maritime Services

Maritime Services

Maritime Services

Port of Duqm’s development is planned in stages with an eye on its potential as an engine of Oman’s long-term economic growth. Under the joint venture concession agreement concluded with the Omani government, Port of Duqm Company will oversee the initial phases of the gateway’s development.

Guided by a long-term vision for its development, Duqm Port has been built to serve some of the largest cargo vessels in service today. An approach channel with a -19-metre draft makes the port accessible to nearly all of the big ships of today. Further, with an 18-metre draft alongside berths, Duqm Port is geared to welcome all kinds of commercial vessels.

Already operational within the port area is the world-scale ship repair yard operated and managed by Oman Dry-dock Company (ODC), a wholly Omani government owned enterprise. While ODC has operational control over dry-dock complex, Port of Duqm Company is responsible for providing navigational assistance.

Conceived as a multipurpose facility, Port of Duqm will cater to a wide range of cargoes and vessels. Envisioned in the master-plan are dedicated terminals for General Cargo, Containerised Cargo, Liquids and Petroleum Products, and Bulk Commodities. Construction of the marine substructure of a 2.2-km-long commercial quay has been completed. The quay, suitably fitted out and equipped, will be rolled out in stages during the 2014-15 timeframe.

Importantly, there is provision to add a further 10 kilometers of commercial berths during Phase 2 of the port’s development. Depending upon specific demand, these additional berths will be earmarked for general, container, liquids and bulk cargo as the case may be.

Separately, construction is well underway on the quay wall designated exclusively for use by government vessels, such as those belonging to the Royal Yacht, Royal Oman Police Coast Guard, Royal Navy of Oman, and Sultan’s Special Forces. The government berths will come into service in 2014.

General Cargo Terminal:
A 300-metre length of the commercial quay was officially inaugurated in March 2013, effectively marking the formal launch of commercial operations at the Port of Duqm. The quay has been equipped with a range of cargo handling gear suited for the handling of a wide variety of general and project cargoes.

Container Terminal:
A 1,600-metre length of the commercial quay has been set aside for the development of a dedicated Container Terminal with a throughput capacity of 3.5 million TEUs.

Liquids & Oil Terminal:
A tender for the design of a Liquids & Oil Terminal on the northern breakwater will be floated soon.  This facility will primarily serve the feedstock and export requirements of a major refinery and petrochemicals complex planned at the adjoining SEZ. The terminal is proposed to be brought into operation in parallel with the launch of the refinery in 2017.

Minerals / Bulk Commodities Jetty:
Port of Duqm will play a key role as a catalyst in the commercialization of the potentially vast minerals resources of the Wusta region. A major Minerals Jetty, with a capacity to handle up to 5 million tons per annum of commodities, will be built in the first phase of the port’s development. This facility will either be operated by Port of Duqm Company or by an interested private investor. Conveyor systems will link the quay directly to stockyards planned well away from the jetty.